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San Andreas State Constitution


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San Andreas Judiciary
Jun 6, 2018
Preamable: We, the People of the State of San Andreas, grateful to Almighty God for our freedom, in order to secure and perpetuate its blessings, do establish this Constitution.

Article I - Establishment of State Branches
Section 1

(a) This Constitution hereby establishes the creation of the following:
(1) The Legislative Branch of the State of San Andreas by and through the creation of the San Andreas State Legislature, which shall be unicameral in nature.​

(2) The Executive Branch of the State of San Andreas by and through the creation of the Governor's Office and all subordinate offices and officers which the legislature permits him to ordain and establish.​

(3) The Judicial Branch of the State of San Andreas by and through the creation of the San Andreas State Courts and all subordinate courts and judges which the highest court in the jurisdiction may ordain and establish. Members of the highest court shall serve indefinitely, so long as such terms of service are periods of good behavior.​

(4) Unless otherwise provided by a law specifically referencing and addressing this sub-section, elections for the legislature shall occur on the first Friday of March, June, September, and December. The duration of any election for any State position, including Office of the Governor or any such legislative position, shall never be less than seventy-two consecutive hours in length unless this Constitution is otherwise amended.​

(5) Amendments to this constitution require at least two-thirds of all voting members of the legislature to vote in favor of the measure and for the signature of the Governor. Such Amendments must be offered and made available to the Governor within 72 hours of the start of the roll call for the measure. No Amendment passed shall be valid if less than fifty (50) percent of the legislature was present for its roll call; ("a Quorum to do Business").

The Sergeant at Arms is hereby vested with the authority to retrieve any absent members and deliver them to the voting chambers; he is also vested with the authority to hold any legislator in contempt, whether or not in a public jail, indefinitely until the legislator agrees or is present for the roll call. The Sergeant at Arms shall only exercise the aforementioned authority at the direction of the Speaker of the House. The Speaker of the House shall only command the Sergeant at Arms to perform such duties when a legislator willfully refuses to attend Roll Call.​

(6) The legislature shall assemble at least once per month, and such meeting shall be held on the first Saturday of each month unless a different day be named by law.​

(7) A law, excluding Constitutional Amendments, shall require a majority of voting members present at a Quorum sufficient to do business. An Amendment shall require two-thirds majority of voting members present at a Quorum sufficient to do business.​

(8) This Constitution acknowledges and affirms the laws of the United States Constitution, the United States Supreme Court, the United States House of Representatives and United States Senate and treaties ratified thereby; this Constitution on matters of federal law and such rights as they might attempt to be enforced.​

(9) The State Government shall have the authority to levy and collect taxes as is required to maintain the General Public Welfare and to secure Peace and Tranquility among the several cities and counties within its jurisdiction. Any bill or motion to increase taxes requires six-tenths (60%) of the Quorum Sufficient to Conduct Business, whereas any bill or motion to decrease or maintain the current tax level requires only a majority of the Quorum Sufficient to Conduct Business.​

(10) No Amendment herein shall be construed as to disparage any individual of any other right, whether granted by the the laws of this State or the Constitution of this state, or the same of the United States.​

(1) This Constitution prohibits the arrest of any legislator during their attendance of a legislative session, and in going to and returning from the same; but this section shall not apply in cases of Treason, Felony,and Breach of the Peace.​

(2) No government official may possess two independent government offices nor any two positions that are in two or more branches of this government nor the government of the United States.​

(3) The legislature shall not vote to increase its wages more than 10% per year and such effects shall not take place until the term following the governor's signature or 35 days, whichever is greater.​

(4) All matters whereby any member of government has a conflict of interest or a substantial pecuniary personal stake in particular matter, venture, or other program shall be ineligible to conduct official business as it relates to that matter, venture, or other such program; nor shall they be permitted to offer an opinion, advice, or other input on such matters to their colleagues or any other person or institution.​