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A..........Community Standards


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Jun 6, 2018

A..........Community Standards
Last Updated: April 27, 2019

The rules in this section shall apply to all Populum Solus servers and platforms. In addition, Populum Solus reserves the right to take action based on activity that did not occur on its servers or platforms.

Rule A.1 No player may speak, act, or otherwise perpetuate malicious, derogatory, or discriminatory behavior, remarks, or other acts towards any member of this community or any group or class based on race, religion, color, sex, gender, national origin, or other status.

Rule A.2 Cheating, hacking, glitching, and exploiting are prohibited, and may result in a temporary or permanent ban. If one of said acts results in an unjust enrichment, the PS Administration reserves and retains the right to modify any relevant character's assets - not just those of an offender - to reflect fairness.

Rule A.3
Excessive microphone, text, or other forms of spam or annoyance are prohibited in any/all community arenas, including Populum Solus servers, Discord, and our Forum.

Rule A.4 Inappropriate memes/photographs/posts/content shall not be purposefully shared outside of the appropriate channels (e.g., NSFW-Memechatter, etc).

Rule A.5 Trolling, griefing, and egregious disruptions of community members is strictly prohibited.

Rule A.6 Money Farming is prohibited, and players who excessively are Away From Keyboard ("AFK") may be kicked, or if the violation or violations are severe, banned.

Rule A.7 Any impersonation of administration is prohibited and may result in a permanent ban.

Rule A.8 Attempting to hijack, phish, or otherwise confiscate another player's forum or master account will result in a permanent ban, deactivation of the offender's account(s), and removal from the community.

Rule A.9 Challenges to PS Staff Decisions are prohibited and may result in a temporary ban, except if made through the appropriate procedural channels and filed in a civil & non-accusatory manner (e.g., filing a Ban Appeal).

Rule A.10 The use of keybinders/keymacros is generally allowed, except that they are prohibited [1] for any purpose that aids the user in making money, [2] for any purpose that aids the user in having an advantage in combat or in the use of weapons, and [3] for any purpose that is unfair to another user who does not use keybinds/keymacros.

Rule E.11 All visitors and members shall treat other members with decency and respect, and any individual who demonstrates their inability to comply with this rule shall be punished, proportionate to their violation of this rule.

Terms of Service By creating a Forum Account on the PS Discord or any Affiliate Website, Joining the PS Discord or any Affiliate Discord, any PS gameserver or Affiliate gameserver, you (the "Member") agree to follow & abide by the Populum Solus Community Standards, server rules, discord rules, and to respect other Members of the community. For purpose of "Affiliate," PS adopts the definition as used below. All individuals, users, and groups that agree to these terms of service agree to waive any right to sue, claim against, be named as a Plaintiff in any action against, or to fund any legal action against Lowkey Developments, LLC (d/b/a Populum Solus) ("PS") for any loss, damages, suffering, compensation, reimbursement, punitive damages, or equitable relief - including injunctions - in any and all State and Federal courts of the United States or any courts in any country or territory in which the user does or would otherwise have jurisdiction to bring any claim against Populum Solus. All individuals who agree to these terms are hereinafter referred to as "Members."

Terms of Service
These Terms of Service apply to all messages, statements, acts, transactions, and disciplinary actions by Owners, Staff, and Members. Members who attempt to or who successfully take any action against PS agree to pay its reasonable attorneys' fees & costs related to any action arising out of the Members' participation in, on, or related to Populum Solus' discord, website, gameserver(s), or Members. Members agree to release all PS Staff Members individually and jointly from any and all claims arising out of Populum Solus' online services. All Members agree to be bound by mandatory arbitration, decided exclusively by the Server Owners ("Micaww" and "Daniels") and reviewed only by the Server Owners and only at the Server Owners' discretion for any matters related to PS' services, the Community, transactional disputes, torts, or any cause of action which would name any Member, Staff, or Owner as a Defendant in a legal matter and the Member waives any right to bring any claim to any Court of Law or Equity in any nation, state, or province.

The Member is responsible for reading these Terms of Service and acknowledges and understands that this Community must be able to Arbitrate its own disputes to in the course of exercising its proper Business Judgment. The Member agrees to be bound to the Terms of Service and, upon creating an account on this forum or by checking the "I Accept" green check mark on the PS discord, also agrees to abide by the Terms of Service and understands that these terms may be updated at any point in time, without notice. The Member understands it is their responsibility to keep themselves informed and that these Terms of Service shall extend to use on the PS website(s), discord(s), gameserver(s), or affiliated websites, discords, or gameservers - whether or not those affiliates are related de facto or endorsed the PS community or by their such website, discord, or servers' owners or community (all of the aforementioned shall be considered, only for purposes of these Terms of Service, as "PS's Community"). By obtaining any property, rank, or any other form of intangible, tangible, or quasi-tangible asset or status on PS's Community, the Member waives their right to possess, be reimbursed for, compensated for, or to "own" any such property and understands that the PS may, in its business judgment, remove, re-obtain, or otherwise exercise dominion and control over such property, rank, or other form of intangible, tangible, or quasi-tangible asset or status.

The Member agrees that any litigation that falls outside of the Arbitration Clause contained herein which is against any Owner, Staff, or Member shall be done in accordance with Delaware Corporate Law and shall be litigated in the State of Florida. If the suit is filed in Federal Court, it shall be filed in the Middle District Court of Florida and if it is filed in State Court, the Plaintiff waives the right to choose a convenient forum and leaves the choice of forum exclusively to the Defendant. Furthermore, the Plaintiff waives their right to Standing in any and all matters which it has the ability to waive such right, regardless of whether such right is in the Federal or State Court system. Nothing in these Terms of Service shall be construed as a waiver of Personal Jurisdiction or of an admission in any matter.

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